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Living Room with Shades and Blinds

Perfect Look, Perfect Fit at a Perfect Price

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Room with Plantation Shutters

  1. Energy efficient

  2. Easy to clean

  3. Durable

  4. Great light blocking

  5. Child Safety

  6. Long lasting

Zebra Shades and Layered Shades

The Roller Shade and Sheer Shade in One

  1. Versatile light control capabilities

  2. Privacy when you want it

  3. Insulation

  4. No cords or holes 

  5. Rolls up to disappear within a beautiful casing

  6. Beautiful fabric and color choices

Roller Shades


  1. Improved Home Security/Safety 

  2. Child Safety

  3. Excellent choice for tall or high windows. 

  4. Greater Accessibility 


  1. Cost - It's important to remember you typically get what you pay for. 

Modern Vertical Blinds

The Many Facets

of Blinds

  1. Horizontal

  2. Vertical

  3. Skyline

  4. Composite

  5. Faux Wood

  6. Metal

Cellular Shades

  1. Beautiful fabrics and color choices

  2. Energy efficient

  3. Versatile

  4. Fantastic light control

  5. Child Safety

  6. Easy to clean

Custom Drapes and Blinds

  1. Regulate light

  2. Prevents drafts

  3. Cover light gaps

  4. Provide movement

  5. Beautiful fabrics and colors

  6. Adds personality to a room

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